Recently there has been so much emphasis on the “zone training”, which by itself is not a bad thing but only if it is understood correctly. Many trainers tell their clients that they need to stay in the “fat burning zone” if they want to lose weight. While our bodies indeed prefer to use fat Read more

Resting heart rate and maximal heart rate are two of the very important components of heart rate training. But do you know that heart rate recovery is just as important for measuring cardiovascular health as the first two factors? If heart rate recovery is abnormal, it is a sign of reduced parasympathetic reactivation. So, as Read more

With all the buzz going around about physical activity, how often do we think of it in terms of its absence? Sedentary lifestyle is the unfortunate aftermath of any well-developed nation as our lives get overtaken by technology, replacing manual labor. So many these days have desk jobs that put a huge impact on our Read more

Weight loss has been a subject of greatest interest since the beginning of civilization yet for many it is still a puzzle why some people lose weight fast and others struggle with it to no end. The truth is that there are so many factors involved in a dynamic process of weight loss that many Read more

It’s Back!!!!….The Starbucks “Pumpkin Spice Latte”…All 420 calories of it! Thankfully we have found a healthier version so you don’t have to go without! This recipe actually contains something that Starbucks doesn’t – Pumpkin!! After all, what is Fall without a PSL? Try it out and let us know what you think! Ingredients: -Coffee (you Read more

Fall is here (according to the calendar- not the weather if you’re in Florida like we are!)! That means Thanksgiving and ultimately Christmas aren’t  far behind! What two things do these amazingly awesome holidays bring? 1. food and 2. more food….While most of us have the mindset of “It’s the Holidays, I can work it Read more