Peanut butter banana – 1 scoop chocolate or vanilla Intek Evolution protein powder, 1-2 tbsp PB2 to taste, ½ banana. Add desired amount of water almond milk and ice cubes and blend to desired consistency.

Mixed berry Smoothie– 1 scoop Intek Evolution Vanilla protein powder, fresh or frozen fruit aprox 1 cup, honey for sweetness if desired

Snickers Protein smoothie– 1 scoop caramel latte Intek Evolution protein powder and 1-2tbsp chocolat
e PB2. Add desired amount of water or unsweetened almond milk and ice cubes. Blend to desired thickness.

Reese’s cup protein blast-1 scoop chocolate or vanilla Intek Evolution protein powder and 1-2 tbsp PB2. Mix almond milk and ice cubes to desired consistency. Once blended, add 1 quest cup and pulse, so some chunks are left to enjoy. Place desert in a bowl in the freezer for 20 minutes and enjoy as a healthy snack before bed.

For a powerful boost of energy before a workout or as a balanced breakfast add ½-1 cup raw old fashioned Quaker oatmeal to any shake and blend until smooth. The added complex carbohydrate source is great to support any level of physical activity.

Cottage cheese-Great to be added to bed time shakes due to its slow absorption rate in the body. Cottage cheese is a favorite among bodybuilders, runners and weight lifters due to its high content of casein protein

Greek Yogurt-Can be added to any of your smoothies although depending on your goals certain people trying to loose or maintain a certain weight/body fat % would want to keep this early in the day to prevent carbs and sugars storing as fat over night.n( slow absorbing protein) as well as relatively low fat content.

Pasteurized egg whites can be added to any shake for added protein.

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