Weight loss has been a subject of greatest interest since the beginning of civilization yet for many it is still a puzzle why some people lose weight fast and others struggle with it to no end. The truth is that there are so many factors involved in a dynamic process of weight loss that many forget about it and instead focus too much on the numbers. The old rule that 1 lb of weight loss = 3,500 kcal energy deficit is simply not true. Whereas the energy content of 1 pound of fat is indeed close to 3500 kcal, the first few weeks of any weight loss program (especially low carb ones) include loss of water weight and lean tissue, which requires much less energy expenditure compared to adipose tissue. At the end of the day it is genetic factors, RMR, thermic food effect, physical activity level, and body composition what affects the rate of weight loss in a given individual.

The best way to address a weight loss (or gain for that matter) problem is undergo a thorough medical exam with a physician and seek help with a health and fitness professional who can help determine the individual factors of losing weight and design the best program to maximize the odds of a successful outcome.

And remember, weight loss is not a one- or a three-month deal. It is a life journey and we are here to help you with it every step of the way!

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